There are many theories as to what Twin Flame phenomena. Many have defined it by being one soul, divided at incarnation, and now reuniting, each part of the soul being housed by two separate human bodies. Some have defined it as two souls who come together in this lifetime to help each other, and grow.

So with all these theories flying in the air, we are here to share our experiences with you. We aren’t saying we have all the answers, but we will be a source of information for you, as we post our experiences.

The way we understand it, your Twin Flame is an extension of yourself.. having the same general energetic qualities which makes up your personality. Each is an individual and will have different aspects of personality, but often you find that many traits, even physical, are similar to each other. The connection with your flame is one of the strongest in existence, where often times you can feel the other’s energy. This can be a good thing, or a not so good thing.. for instance.. when experiences the highest of emotions or physical sensations, you can often feel your partner’s reactions, feelings, or sensations. This is wonderful for good sensations, but you can also experience pain as well. It is a constant learning process, and not every twin flame connection will be the same. Learning from each other on an everyday basis is a wonderful experience, because when learning from your twin flame, you are in fact, learning from yourself.

The TF partnership generally forms when both souls have reached a point in their evolutionary process where they recognize a Spiritual Path, and realize that they are no longer aligned with the materialistic goals of Ego. They both come together with the purpose of raising their vibrations, pushing each other lovingly in the direction that benefits their highest good. When one partner overcomes an obstacle or raises their vibration through, it catapults both vibrations, being that each is an extension of the other. The same is true if the vibration is lowered, it affects the couple in an adverse way. The energy between the two are shared, as is knowledge and psychic connections. One thing we can say for sure is you will never have another relationship on the same intensity level as the Twin Flame relationship.